About Digital World Expo

Digital World Expo is a 3-day educational conference and expo covering the present and future of interactive and digital media, marketing, development, and programming.  This was a great opportunity for companies to engage a highly qualified and targeted national and international audience.

Digital World Expo takes place each year in September due to the fact that this time period is when businesses are planning their budgets and strategies for the coming fiscal year… this allows our sponsors and exhibitors to generate highly qualified sales leads, as well as our attendees to learn about new opportunities to stay ahead of their competition.

In 2011, 86% of our attendees were “buyers” and 88% were Managers, Directors, VPs, or C-Level executives.  Bottom line, our attendees are decision makers with budgets to spend.  Introducing them to your services and offerings at Digital World Expo during the planning season will mean they will be in the right frame of mind to buy.

As for 2012, Digital World Expo had more than 800 highly targeted attendees and 40+ exhibitors.  This provided our sponsors, exhibitors, and with the utmost opportunity to generate new business and strengthen current relationships.

What is Digital World Expo?

Digital World Expo is a conference experience for today’s business professional working within digital media, application and service environments.  The workshops and classes are designed to provide real takeaways attendees can start using as soon as they return to the workplace.  Emerging technology, new media channels and business solutions are found within the 40,000 square foot exhibit hall featuring live demonstrations and startup company presentations.

What will I learn?

When was the last time you walked away from a conference with so much information, you didn’t know where to start?  Digital World Expo brings both tech and marketing professionals together in a single forum designed to exhibit today’s latest advancements in programming, advertising, development, media and IT solutions.  You will learn critical tools sets and strategies to meet your business objectives and get a foothold on the future.

What’s inside the curriculum?

There are six different tracks hosting over 50 classes and workshops created to present compelling content and provide key takeaways you will learn through your attendance.  Each speaker commits their presentation to the essential toolsets, augmenting the lecture with their own experience.  Find classes about programming languages, platforms, marketing channels, digital media, advertising, next-generation technology, performance-based strategies and more.

What will I “experience” in the Exhibit Hall?

The DWXPO Exhibit Hall is where you’ll meet your experience head-on with a unique, stylized atmosphere and live demonstrations at every turn.  Over 70 exhibitors will be present to showcase their services and products.  You will find plenty of new opportunities and the latest advancements in technology amongst a sea of new companies with unique offerings.  Dynamic areas such as the Startup Speaker Series, Live B&W Hat Presentations and CompeteStreet Video Gaming will run throughout the show.

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