Lynn Ingham

Lynn Ingham

Lynn M. Ingham is an experienced and professional advertising, publishing and internet executive, charged with leading national traditional and interactive media sales efforts. She is currently Chief Executive Officer for New West, a next-generation media company dedicated to the culture, economy, politics, environment and lifestyle of the Rocky Mountain West. The company’s core mission is to serve the Rockies with innovative, participatory journalism and to promote conversation that helps one understand and make the most of the dramatic changes sweeping this region.

Until her recent relocation to her home state of Montana, Lynn has been deeply involved in the San Francisco/Bay Area digital community, as a co-founder, Past President and Chairman of SFBIG. Founded as a networking and educational group dedicated to supporting digital marketing innovation – and also to growing and developing digital media talent in the Bay Area – the group has grown to 1200 members from the advertising, marketing and media worlds.

Prior experience includes a three-year social networking stint as VP of Sales for Interactive One, a division of Radio One, where Lynn oversaw the sales efforts of the Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. Lynn’s Interactive One team incorporated the social networking aspects of BlackPlanet into the company’s larger overall digital strategy.

Before tackling social networking, Lynn spent seven years at The Ad Age Group. She opened their San Francisco sales office in 1997, in the very early stages of the dot com “explosion”. As myriad new interactive companies (Yahoo!, Google, eBay) emerged – mostly in her San Francisco territory – Lynn developed a digital sales expertise and ultimately led all online sales efforts as National Online Advertising Director for the Ad Age Group sales staff.

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